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Press Release Distribution Service In Bangladesh.

We Service to you in press release distribution. That helps you get your press release published on major news outlets without the label of a third-party company. With our service, your press release is guaranteed to be published on several top-tier news outlets.

Our Features :

Your press release will be Distributed to our networks that distribute your press release to hundreads of news sites includ social networks, blogs for more exposures, traffic and back links like. 1. Word Count : Currently we do not put limitations on the number of words for your press release length. But we recommend you to have anything between 800-1000 words for an ideal press release length. 2. Image : Two Image are allowed with feature image. 3. Hyperlink : 4 hyperlinks are allowed. For additional links. 3. Video : You can insert a YouTube link into your press release. You will then see the embedded video after the press release is published. Just let you know some of the media sites might not support the embedded video feature. 4. Turnaround Time : Distribution will be done within 3 days.

Pearl IT Press Release Service : Best Press Release Service in Bangladesh.

More Details :